Here is what others are saying.

”Seeking therapy and choosing a therapist were some of the most difficult decisions I had to make. I have recently moved overseas to live and work in the US. I came with heavy emotional baggage and enrolled in an extremely stressful competitive job. Having a different cultural background and being completely naïve when it comes to therapy (I have never been!), I was hesitant and doubtful that I will find the right therapist. I had low expectations if any, but my anxiety was fully blown by then and I was in serious need for help. After calling/emailing Angela I decided to give it a go. From the tastefully-decorated office with its personal touches that made me feel warm and welcome, to Angela’s engaging conversation, receptiveness and genuine interest, to the tools she provided me from that first session, I knew I was in the right place. Building a client-therapist relationship with Angela felt easy and natural; she’s extremely knowledgeable, yet practical, always speaks “to” me not “at” me, and her body language never fails to convey compassion. At times when it was challenging to put my scattered thoughts and emotions into words, or when I felt they were too silly to share, Angela would find a way to, not only help me express them, but give them a form and a structure with so much eloquence, and that by itself was therapeutic. Her approach, discussions, tools and expertise helped me overcome my anxiety and find my inner strength to progress and adapt to my new life. I always left our sessions feeling inspired and empowered.”

“In the fall of 2015 our daughter started her freshman year at Boston University, but she became overwhelmed with a big city far away from home. Her anxiety reached extreme levels and we needed immediate help for her. Angela was able to help our daughter and our family through one of the most difficult and painful periods of her life. Angela provided not only support in her office, but provided important tools for our daughter to use throughout each day and hour of her anxiety. We are forever grateful for the meaningful lessons, tools and supports Angela taught and enabled our daughter to use. Our daughter will probably have periods of anxiety throughout her life, but now, thanks to Angela, she will be able to cope in a more productive way.”

“I’m on the higher octane end of the anxiety spectrum, and have benefitted greatly from my sessions with Angela. She is highly intelligent and a skilled therapist. She seamlessly merges these wonderful attributes with a dedication to finding solutions for each patient — tailoring care rather than using a cookie-cutter approach for all. She listens carefully and then skillfully redirects by offering more beneficial ways of thinking. I leave sessions feeling empowered, whole, and more at ease with the world. She also assigns helpful “homework,” allowing me to continue to work and grow beyond our one-on-one sessions. I highly recommend Angela!”

“Angela helped me develop and engage regularly with cognitive behavioral techniques that allowed me to reach my academic and personal goals. Through an increased awareness of contributors to my anxiety and depression, I was able to better manage my symptoms under Angela’s guidance. I am very grateful for the encouraging and nonjudgmental environment that she provided during my undergraduate career. Most importantly, Angela helped me harness my inner strength to overcome the challenges presented by my anxiety and taught me how to successfully live with an anxiety disorder without letting it dictate my life. I am confident that my time with Angela has prepared me well for the rigors of graduate school and am thankful for her unwavering support.”

“I’ve been struggling with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder for years. I’ve also seen my fair share of therapists with little results to show for it. It wasn’t until I met Angela that I started making strides in managing my symptoms. Through my work with her I was able to develop the skills and perspective necessary to lead a healthier, more productive life in spite of OCD. Thanks to Angela I became a more resilient individual: excited about the future, and ready to flourish.”

“A caring professional with extensive knowledge and expertise, Angela provides personalized care that can help you reach your goals. Understanding, thoughtful, and proactive, she helped me to develop skills and strategies that address my particular needs.  With Angela’s help, I have been able to face my fears and lead a healthier life. I highly recommend working with her.”

"Angela is both extremely insightful and naturally compassionate. During her sessions you feel at ease right away and, more importantly, you get the feeling that someone who actually cares is listening. She doesn’t dictate, she guides. I’m much better off for our time together.”

"Angela is an incredibly skilled and compassionate therapist.  I sought out treatment during a period of stressful life transitions, when anxiety and intrusive thoughts were interfering with my daily life.  Angela guided me through learning numerous skills to combat these thoughts, and I very quickly felt at ease during our sessions because I could sense that Angela cares deeply about the people she helps.  Through learning these skills, Angela boosted my confidence and I now feel much more equipped to hold troubling situations and sit with doubt in a healthy way.  I would recommend Angela to anyone looking for an experienced, open, direct, yet compassionate provider."